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GCA Conservation Committee

The purpose of the Conservation Committee of the Garden Club of America is to keep the GCA membership well informed on current conservation issues; to promote respect for natural resources and responsibility for environmental stewardship; to encourage clubs to identify and carry out conservation work locally; to provide environmental education programs for youth and the general public; and with the Executive Committee’s approval, to work with other conservation agencies and organizations whose programs complement those of The Garden Club of America. The Conservation Committee works closely with the National Affairs and Legislation Committee. The Conservation/NAL Committee zone representatives carry the work of both committees to the clubs in their zones.

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GCA Resources: (on the member area of the GCA website)

  • ConWatch – Quarterly newsletter published by the GCA Conservation Committee. Articles inform members on a wide range of topics such as sustainable agriculture, billboards, plastics in the environment, and climate change. 
  • National Affairs and Legistlation
  • Pollinator Resources

Other GCA Position Papers:  

Farm to Table - Fresh, Local and Delicious!

The Trustees' Garden Club Conservation Committee advocates making conscious, educated choices about our FOOD.  Know the source...from farming table.  What are our options?  Ultimately, our health, life, and heritage depend upon our FOOD.  Local, organic, and sustainable FOOD in our homes, schools, institutions, and social programs positively impact our sense of community and economy, in addition to the obvious personal benefits.  An exhibit will be on display at Gloriosa - Art in Bloom at the Jepson in March of the the bountiful resources in our area for growing and purchasing healthy food and community improvements resulting from those resources. 

Conservation Committee

The purpose of the Trustees Garden Club Conservation Committee is to interest and inform the Club of our natural resources and make efforts to preserve them.  Members should be informed and inform the membership of proposed conservation legislative action at all levels of government.