MV's Best Virginia Cocktail Peanuts 
22 oz. 
Sea Salt $22 or Chocolate $30
Kombi Trowel   $15
Handmade bows $10

Garden Guide to the Lower South $19.95

Kissing Balls $58

Greenery Sale

 VIRGINIA COCKTAIL PEANUTS, Topiaries, Kissing Balls,  Bows, Garden Tools AND Garden Guide To the Lower south

Trustees' Garden Club

36 inch Door Arch $36
Mixed Candle Ring $17
Mixed Green Centerpieces $54:
18" Round  (left/top) or 35" Runner (right)
Topiaries $63:
Boxwood or All-mixed
Kombi Pro Garden Tool   $40

Garden tool with wooden long handle approx. length 58” and width 9”