Trustees' Garden Club

Pictured above: Malinda Bergen
Best in Show and Blue ribbon 
"Everything Old is New Again"
Little Garden Club of Ohio
Columbus Ohio - September 21-23, 2015

Alice Fraser

Blue ribbon and Photography Novice Award at Gloriosa Trustees' Garden 2016

Malinda Bergen

"The Perennial Centennial"
Shaker Lakes Garden Club June 2016
First and GCA Photography Creativity Award

Linder Suthers

Elk Excursion

Third place at the 2016 GCA Annual Meeting 

Linder Suthers

Bug and Dahlia - Red ribbon at the GCA Annual Meeting in New Orleans in May 2014

Linder Suthers

The Blue Ridge Valley at Dawn - Blue ribbon and the GCA Novice Award -  Kaleidoscope flower Show at the GCA Annual Meeting in Rochester, NY in May 2015

Malinda Bergen

Blue Ribbon - Zone VIII Zone Meeting Columns, Rivers and Roses, Columbia South Caroline April, 2015

Malinda Bergen

Photography Novice Award at Southampton Garden Club September, 2014

Trustees' members who are GCA Photography judges:


Prospective Judge:

  • Malinda Bergen


  • Linder Suthers

 Martha Hough

Stewartia Pseudocamelia (flower) - "Every Living Thing has a Soul at its Core" - March 20, 2013 "Moon River Melodies" Trustees Garden Club; Blue Ribbon Class 7 and "Best in Show 

Martha Hough

Paeonia - South County Garden Club, June 30, 2013; Blue Ribbon, Class I


The goal of the Photography Committee is to stimulate interest and encourage experimentation in photography with our membership.  It should be a fun, learning experience.  This is done in a very low key manner, through meetings and occasional rambles in different areas of the city, for example, squares or the waterfront.  We are lucky enough to have very talented affiliates who offer expertise and guidance.   Our aim is to help everyone find and share their creative flair. Pictured are members' and affiliates' submissions to various shows around the country.